Call to have your camper cleaned while the season is over!



What areas do you provide service?

Anything within a 25 mile radius of Burlington NC.  Anything outside will be charged an additional fee.  

Why is my paint oxidized?

The top layer of your paint is becoming lost.  Gradually it will become duller as time progresses if precautions are not met in enough time.

What does tire dressing do?

Leaves a satin or glossy finish.  Helps prevent drying, fading or cracking.

Can you polish my paint if the clear coated is peeling?


Why are my leather seats cracking?

Your seats are porous .  The suns Ray's absorb the oils that are in the leather. It is recommended that you clean and condition them once every two weeks. 

What format of payments do you accept?

Cash and Credit Cards.  An additional fee will apply for Card payments.  Checks are not accepted.  


When should I have my vehicle clay barred?

If your paint has any surface contamination such as paint  over spray & tree sap. Some containments are hidden to the human eye. If the surfaces of the paint are not smooth then your clear coat needs attention. 

How often should I have my vehicle polished?

Once every 6 months.

Are your products biodegradable?

Yes every product used is.

How long does a full detail take?

Average is 4 to 5 hours. Depends on size of vehicle, condition and if services are requested.

Do you clean headliners?

Yes with steamer and spot treatment if needed. 

How do I know what services I need?

When you contact Andy's Mobile Detail they're a series of questions asked to help determine what services are needed so you won't waste your hard earned money on something unnecessary. Pictures are requested before price is given. 


How long in advance do I need to schedule my appointment?

24 hour notice. We understand if you have to reschedule. Things happen in life! All we ask is for you to let us know as soon as possible. We strive to accommodate everyone. 

What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

Remove all trash and personal belongings. 

What form of payments do you accept?

Cash & credit/debit cards. Checks aren't allowed. Additional fee may be charged for cards. Form of payment is due once Detail is completed. 

Do you prefer wax or polish?

I prefer polish over wax. Wax lasts 2 to 3 months. Polish lasts 6 months and has  other advantage's over wax. Why pay more for less?